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Students' Corner

Students' Union :

The students of Nalbari Commerce College are allowed to enjoy their liberty of Unionism. It is a formal organisation of students where they interact among themselves, exchange their thoughts and views etc. for building up of an atmosphere of give and take. It is the platform of organising different activities of students like sports week, freshmen social, parting social, Saraswati Puja and other sociocultural celebrations. The Students' Union is helped by teachers in different activities to develope their leadership quality. Accordingly, each and every portfolio secretary of the union is guided by respective teacher-in charge.
The students' union has different office bearer to conduct various activities as mentioned above. The portfolios of office bearer of Nalbari Commerce College Students' Union are as follows :


Dr. Paresh Nath Sarma. Principal.


Umesh Talukdar. Associate Professor, Department of Accountancy.

President (Student) Mridul Deka

Vice-President (Student)

Manimoy Das

General Secretary

Nilamani Barman

Assistant General Secretary

Partha Pratim Barman


Prof.-in-charge: Bibha Das, Assistant Prof., Department of Maths & Statistics
Secretary:Tapan Das


Prof.-in-charge: Dr.Atul Ch. Haloi ,Vice- principal & Associate prof, Department of Accountancy
Secretary: Dipjyoti Talukdar


Prof.-in-charge: Manoj Kumar Kalita, Assistant Professor, Department of English
Secretary: Koushik Dutta

Social Service:

Prof.-in-charge: Birendra Talukdar, Associate Professor, Department of Management
Secretary: Juma Devi

Boy's Common Room:

Prof.-in-charge: Md. Saidul Islam, Assistant Professor, Department of IT
Secretary: Mahesh Pratim Kalita

Girl's Common Room:

Prof-in-charge: Dr. Soma Dhar, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
Secretary: Pallabi Das


Prof.-in-charge: Dr. Manik Ch. Barman, Associate Prof., Department of Management
Secretary: Dimpal Kalita

National Service Scheme (NSS) & Scout and Guide

National Service Scheme (NSS)

Nalbari Commerce College has a unit of National Service Scheme (NSS) for the purpose of developing socioeconomic and cultural awareness among the students. The unit is guided by a trained programme officer. It organises camps in rural areas to extend physical labour of the volunteers in the needy areas. Such camps give students an opportunity to realise the need and importance of youths for the society.

Programme officer : Dr. Manik Ch. Barman
Dept.. of Management

The camps so far organised are related to repairing of rural muddy roads, creating awareness of health and Hygiene, removal of illiteracy etc.

Scouts and Guides

Scouts and guides introduced in our college to teach discipline and create brotherhood among the students. Sri Birendra Talukdar, officer leads scouts and guide chapter of the college. 

Mutual Aid Fund :

For extending financial help to the economically backward and needy students was a mutual aid fund is introduced in the college. Funds are generated from the students in general with a minimum subscription. Teachers also contribute to the mutual aid fund of the students. The fund is used to meet the financial need at the time of form fill-up and medical treatment of students in need.

College Magazine :

Our college magazine named "Nalbari Commerce College Magazine"  is the mirror of literary work and intellectual excircise of the students and teachers. Every year the .magazine get published. The Magazine Secretary, of the Students' Union is its editor. There is a board constituted involving teachers and students which bears the responsibility of publishing the college magazine every year. The Principal, Nalbari Commerce College, by virtue of designation is the President of the board, a senior teacher is in-charge of it while some other teachers and students are members of the board.

Wall Magazine :

There is a half-yearly wall magazine named "GAJALI" introduced in 1987. Usually "GAJALI" published in two occasions, namely at  Fresh men social- an occasion of welcoming the fresher into the college and at  College Week. Article, poems, short stories,citation etc. are published in the wall magazine. It reflects the thoughts of students in the field of on-going happenings.

Extra-curricular Programme:

For exposure of the students of the college, various event-based facilities in the field of music, drama, various sport events, recitation, debate etc. are there. Those selected students of excellent performance may be given opportunity to join in the Youth Festival organized by the Gauhati University and in other state and national level competitions organized by recognized body/institution of repute.

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